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Established by the Government of the Republic of Moldova by GD no. 201 of 28.02.2018, the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research is an administrative authority subordinated to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, is a legal public body, responsible for quality assurance in the field of education and research. In its areas of activity, the Agency collaborates with central and local public authorities, as well as with international bodies.

The Agency aims at ensuring the quality of services provided by institutions in the field of education and research, thus contributing to the fulfillment of the requirements of society and the labor market in the training of competent staff. The Agency stimulates the increase of the level of responsibility of the institutions in the fields of education and research towards the quality of the services provided.

Duties of the Agency:  

  • quality assurance in general education;  
  • quality assurance in vocational education and training;  
  • quality assurance in higher education;  
  • evaluation of continuous professional training programs;  
  • evaluation of organizations in the field of research and innovation;  
  • evaluation of the scientific and scientific-didactic staff.

The Agency is entrusted with the following rights:

  • to contribute to the improvement of the regulatory framework in its fields of competence;
  • to request and receive, as prescribed by the regulatory framework, from central and local public authorities - information relating to its fields of competence necessary for performing its duties;
  • to set up boards, committees, expert groups and other consultative platforms to carry out the tasks in its fields of competence;
  • to form and participate in national and international projects in its fields of competence;
  • to be a member of various international specialized organizations;
  • to cooperate with similar agencies in other countries to develop and implement effective measures to improve the quality of professional training programs;
  • to conclude, in the manner established by the regulatory framework, public procurement contracts;
  • to involve evaluators in its areas of competence;
  • to delegate expert evaluators to external quality evaluation missions;
  • to verify, at the end of the evaluation mission, that the expert evaluators comply with the evaluation methodology applied;
  • to exercise other rights under the normative acts regulating the relations in its fields of activity.